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Rigging Mode

Rigging mode is designed for animating models by assigning weights to the mesh and allowing for weight editing.



In Rigging mode, "Weight" refers to the influence weight, which determines how much a bone's movement affects a vertex. The value range is from 0.0 to 1.0, where 0.0 means the vertex will not move with the bone, and 1.0 means the vertex will move fully in sync with the bone.

Starting Rigging Mode

Rigging Mode Start

To use Rigging mode, you must first set up the bones that will be used for the rigging process.

Root Bone

Rigging Mode Root Bone Select

This slot is for setting the top-level bone to be applied to the selected UModeler X object. You set it by selecting the top-level bone object in the Hierarchy tab and then clicking and dragging it into the slot.


Rigging Mode Interface

Rigging Mode Interface 1


This is a button that allows you to activate or deactivate Rigging mode.

Clear Rigging Data

This button resets the rigging-related data applied to the current object.

It becomes visible when Rigging mode is deactivated through the Active/Inactive button.

Root Bone Slot

This is the slot to set the top-level bone to apply to the selected UModelerX object.

Select the top-level bone object in the Hierarchy tab and click and drag to set it.

Bone Tree

Rigging Mode Interface Bone Tree

This area displays the tree structure of the bone assigned in the Root Bone slot.

The Bone Tree shows all connected bones regardless of weight assignment, making it easier to select bones.

Bind Bone List

This area displays the bones connected to vertices with assigned weights.

Similar to the Bone Tree area, it facilitates easy selection of bones.

Tools Group

Tools Group

The Tool group in Rigging mode is a collection of tools for modifying weights or adjusting bones.

Weight Tools

The Weight tool is a tool that allows you to assign weights to selected vertices.

Weight Brush Tool

The Weight Brush tool allows you to assign weights to vertices for the selected bone by painting them in a brush-like manner.

Reset Poses Tool

The Reset Poses tool is used to reset the position and rotation of moved bones, returning them to their original default pose.

Rebind Poses Tool

The Rebind Poses tool is used to reset the positions and rotations of bones.

Weight Transfer Tool

The Weight Transfer tool is a tool that copies the weight applied to another object to the current object.

Envelope Tool

The Envelope Tool is a tool for editing an Envelope, which is an encapsulated volume that gives weight to vertices.