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Weight Tool

Weight Tool

The Weight Tool is a tool that allows you to assign weights to selected vertices.

How to Use

  1. Select the desired bone in the Scene or Bone Tree area. Weight Tool Bone Select


    shortcut Shift+Click

    This shortcut allows you to select the desired bone directly in the scene.

  2. launch the Weight Tool.

  3. Select the vertices you want to associate with the selected bones. Weight Tool Select Vertex

  4. With the vertex selected, either adjust the Apply Weight property or press the desired weight value button. Weight Tool Select Vertex Weight Tool Select Weight

  5. A weight has been applied to the vertex. Weight Tool Result


Weight Tool Properties

Set Weight

Set the weight value to be assigned.

Scale Weight

Set a value to multiply the weight of the selected vertex by.


Weight Tool Properties Select

This property allows you to set how the vertices are selected.

Backface Select

Allows you to set whether vertices facing the opposite direction are selected.

Vertex Backface Select Off When the Backface Select property is off, opposite facing vertices are not selected.

Vertex Backface Select On When the Backface Select property is on, opposite facing vertices are selected as well.

Camera Based Select

This property selects only the currently visible vertices based on the camera.

Vertex Camera Based Select Off When the Camera Based Select property is off, vertices that are obscured by the camera are also selected.

Vertex Camera Based Select On When the Camera Based Select property is on, vertices that are hidden by the camera are not selected.


Weight Tool Properties Basic

This property is for rigging convenience.

Show Handler

Shows or hides handlers for moving or rotating bones.

Show Bones

Property to show bones.

Show Bones Names

This property shows the names of the bones.

Enable Clicking On Bones

Property that allows you to set whether or not to enable selecting bones via Shift+Click

Apply Animation

Predetermined Weight Button

Button to assign a weight to selected vertices.

Apply Weight

Allows you to set a weight value to assign or assign a weight.

Scale Weight

Allows you to multiply the weight of the selected vertices by a value, or set a value to multiply by.

Example Usage