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Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool

The Envelope tool is a tool for editing an Envelope, which is an encapsulated volume that assigns weights to vertices. Each bone has an envelope, and any vertices that are within or affected by the envelope are assigned a weight.


Using the Envelope tool can make using Rigging Mode a little easier, as it allows you to assign weights more comfortably than manually selecting vertices to assign weights.

How to Use

  1. Select the desired bones in the Scene or Bone Tree area, Bind Bone List. Bone Select


    Shortcut Shift+Click

    You can use a keyboard shortcut to select the desired bone directly in the scene.

  2. Launch the Envelope Tool.

  3. Change the size and position of the on-screen Envelope capsule as desired. Envelope capsule

  4. Press the Apply Envelope button. Envelope Apply

  5. The Envelope is now weighted to. Envelope Result





Properties for rigging convenience.

Show Handler

Shows or hides handlers for moving or rotating bones.

Show Bones

Property to show bones.

Show Bones Names

This property shows the names of the bones.

Enable Clicking On Bones

Property that allows you to set whether or not to enable selecting bones via Shift+Click.

Apply Envelope

This property sets the weight to match the currently set envelope.

Even if you change the shape of the envelope, it will not be applied unless you press the Apply Envelope button.

Reset Envelope

This property resets the currently set shape and position of the envelope.

Example Usage