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Edit Bones Tool

Rigging Mode Edit Bones

The Edit Bones Tool is a tool that allows you to edit bones, including adding, deleting, separating, etc.

How to use

  1. Launch the Edit Bones tool.

  2. Select the bone you want to edit in the Scene or Bone Tree area. Edit Bones select Bone


    Shortcut Shift+Click

    You can use this shortcut to select the desired bone directly in the scene.

  3. For the selected bone, use the buttons in the Properties area to edit the bone. Edit Bones Properties

  4. The bones have been edited. Edit Bones End


Edit Bones Properties


Properties Basic

Properties for rigging convenience.

Show Handler

Show or hide handlers for moving or rotating bones.

Show Bones

This property shows the bones.

Show Bones Names

This property shows the names of the bones.

Enable Clicking On Bones

Property that allows you to set whether or not to enable selecting bones via Shift+Click.


The BoneName property is a property that specifies the name to use when creating a bone.


The Add button adds a new child bone at the location of the currently selected bone with the name specified in the BoneName property.


The Parent button sets the selected bone as a child bone of another bone. To use this, select the bone that you want to be the child bone first, then click the Parent button and select the parent bone.


The Delete button will completely delete the selected Bone.

The child bones of the deleted bone will be moved to the location of the deleted bone's parent and will be associated with the parent.


The Remove button deletes the selected Bone.

The child bones of the deleted bones will be connected to the parent bones of the deleted bones, and their positions will remain the same.


The Connect button creates a new Bone between the selected Bone and another Bone, connecting them together. To use it, first select one of the bones you want to connect and click the Connect button, then select the other bone and a new bone will be created between the two bones to connect them.


Differences from Parent.

The differences from Parent are as follows.

  • Parent establishes a hierarchical relationship between bones while maintaining the existing bone structure without adding any bones.
  • Connect connects bones by adding new bones to the bone structure.


The Separate button detaches the selected Bone from its parent Bone.

The selected Bone will disconnect from its parent Bone and become independent; however, any child Bones connected to the selected Bone will still be connected to the selected Bone.

Example Usage