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Build Bones Tool

Build Bones

The Build Bones Tool is a tool that allows you to quickly create and edit bone structures throughout this guide. Predefined bone structures make it easy to create bone structures.

How to use

  1. Run the Build Bones Tool.
  2. select one of the predefined bone structures ("Limb", "Human", "Quadruped") from the Structure properties. Build Bones
  3. Click the Start Building button. Build Bones
  4. Move the printed bone guide to fit the model. Build Bones
  5. Once you have moved the bone guides as desired, click the Make Bones button to create the bones. Build Bones
  6. The bones will be created according to this guide. Build Bones


Build Bones


Selected Bone as the top-level

This property sets the selected bone as the top-level bone. When unchecked, the bone will be created as a child of the selected bone, but the top-level bone of the created bone will be within the created bone.

When the Selected Bone as the top-level property is enabled, the newly created bone will have the selected bone as its top-level bone.

If the Selected Bone as the top-level property is disabled, the newly created bone is set to be a child of the selected bone, but the top-level bone of the created bone is within the created bone.



A property that causes the opposite symmetrical bone guide to move with it when the bone guide is moved.

Snap Center Bone

This property snaps the guides of the center bone, which is the center of the bone structure, so that they are well aligned with the center axis.


This property disables the snapping of the center bone guides.

Snap To Pivot Axis

This property snaps the center bone guide to the axis of the model's pivot position.

Snap To Top Level Bone Axis

This property snaps the center bone guide to the axis of the top level bone.

Move With Child

This property causes child bones to move with the selected bone guide when it is moved.

Show Name

This property shows or hides the name of each Bone Guide.


Weight Tool Properties Basic

This property is for rigging convenience.

Show Handler

Shows or hides handlers for moving or rotating bones.

Show Bones

Property to show bones.

Show Bones Names

This property shows the names of the bones.

Enable Clicking On Bones

Property that allows you to set whether or not to enable selecting bones via Shift+Click.


This property selects a specific bone structure. This makes it easy to create the bone structure you want.

  • Limb: Creates a bone guide, such as a human or animal arm or leg. Three bone guides are created and can be used to create simple joint movements.
  • Human: Creates a human-shaped bone guide.
  • Quadruped: Creates a bone guide for a quadrupedal animal.

Start Building

This button starts building the Bone Guide according to the set structure. The bone guide will be printed at startup and can be repositioned by clicking and dragging the bone guide.

Make Bones

This button creates actual bones according to the currently configured bone guide.


This button rotates the currently configured bone guide. Each press will rotate the bone guide 90 degrees, with the topmost bone guide in the bone guide being rotated relative to the bottom bone guide.


Buttons to cancel the Bone Guide editing state.

Example Usage