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Weight Transfer Tool

Weight Transfer Tool

The Weight Transfer tool is a tool that copies weights applied to other objects to the current object.

How to Use

  1. Run the Weight Transfer Tool.
  2. Add the object to be referenced to the slot. Weight Transfer Tool Reference
  3. Press the Transfer Button to apply. Transfer Result


Weight Transfer Tool Properties

Is Raycast

This property raycasts in the opposite direction of the vertex normal to generate a weight based on the point of collision. When unchecked, sets the weight to the average of the closest vertices.


Properties Basic

Property for rigging convenience.

Show Handler

Shows or hides handlers for moving or rotating bones.

Show Bones

Property to show bones.

Show Bones Names

This property shows the names of the bones.

Enable Clicking On Bones

Property that allows you to set whether or not to enable selecting bones via Shift+Click.

Reference Object Slot

A space to set the object to get the weight from.

On the Hierarchy tab, select the object with the Skinned Mesh Renderer component and click-drag to set it.


This button executes a weight copy. To be executed, the object to be referenced must be registered.

Example Usage