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Material Tool

Material Tool

The Material tool is used to edit materials for an object.

They are primarily tools that allow you to apply materials to selected faces, or to add and delete materials.

How to Use

  1. Select the face you want to give a material to. Material Tool Select Face
  2. Launch the Material tool.
  3. Open the Assign Property of the Material to be assigned. Material Tool Assign
  4. The Material is applied to the selected face. Material Tool Result



This property allows you to choose how the mesh is displayed.

XRay Mode

Shows faces as translucent.

Face XRay Mode


Properties that allow you to set how vertices are selected.

Backface Select

Allows you to set whether vertices facing the opposite direction are selected.

Face Backface Select Off

When the Backface Select property is off, opposite facing vertices are not selected.

Face Backface Select On

When the Backface Select property is on, opposite facing vertices are selected as well.

Camera Based Select

This property selects only the currently visible vertices based on the camera.

Face Camera Based Select Off

When the Camera Based Select property is off, vertices that are obscured by the camera are also selected.

Face Camera Based Select On

When the Camera Based Select property is on, vertices that are hidden by the camera are not selected.

Select Faces

This property selects the faces that this Material is applied to.

Select Faces


This property applies this Material to the selected faces.


Assign All

This property applies the material to all faces.

Assign All


This property resets all currently added Materials.


Add Material

This property adds a Material.


Remove Material

This property deletes the selected Material.


Example Usage