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Auto Weight Tool

Auto Weight

The Auto Weight Tool automatically weights bones that are close to a vertex. It automatically assigns weights to vertices that are close to bones, making weighting easier.

How to Use

  1. Run the Auto Weight Tool.
  2. Set the required properties and press the Apply Auto Weight button. Auto Weight
  3. You can see that the vertices that are close to the bone have been automatically assigned weights. Auto Weight


Auto Weight

Blend Width

This property sets the range in which the weight of a bone is blended with the weight of other bones.

Auto Weight

  • The closer the value of the Blend Width property is to 0, the more distinct the weight areas of each bone will be.

    • This is useful when you want to more clearly distinguish movement between bones.
  • The higher the value of the Blend Width property, the more the weight of a bone will blend with the weight of other bones over a wide range.

    • This smooths out the movement between bones, so a high value is recommended for natural movement of the bone structure.

Selected Bone Attribute

Exclude Weights

This attribute excludes weights from being applied to the selected bone. Any child bones of that bone will also not be weighted.

The Exclude Weights attribute is useful when you need to exclude certain bones in the bone structure from being deformed by weights.

For example, if a particular bone is focused on controlling structural movement, you may want to not weight that bone so that it is not affected by deformation.


Weight Tool Properties Basic

Properties for rigging convenience.

Show Handler

Shows or hides handlers for moving or rotating bones.

Show Bones

This property shows the bones.

Show Bones Names

This property shows the names of the bones.

Enable Clicking On Bones

This property allows you to set whether or not to enable selecting bones via Shift+Click

Apply Auto Weight

A button to automatically assign a weight based on the properties set.

Example Usage