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Vertex Color Tool

Vertex Color Tool

The Vertex Color tool is a tool that applies a vertex color to selected vertices.


For the Vertex Color

The Vertex Color is the color information stored on a vertex. Colors between vertices are automatically interpolated, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

How to use it

  1. Run the Vertex Color tool.
  2. Enable the View Vertex Color property, which will display the object's vertex colors. View Vertex Color
  3. Select the vertices you want to apply the vertex color to. Select Vertex
  4. Click on the Vertex Color property to change it to the desired color. Vertex Color
  5. Click the Apply Color button to apply the vertex color. Confirm


Vertex Color Properties


View Vertex Color

Property that displays the object's vertex color.

View Vertex Color

Vertex Color

Property that allows you to specify the vertex color.

Vertex Color


Properties that allow you to set how vertices are selected.

Backface Select

Allows you to set whether vertices facing the opposite direction are selected.

Backface Select Off

When the Backface Select property is off, opposite facing vertices are not selected.

Backface Select On

When the Backface Select property is on, opposite facing vertices are selected.

Camera Based Select

This property selects only those vertices that are visible to the camera.

Camera Based Select Off

When the Camera Based Select property is off, vertices that are hidden by the camera are also selected.

Camera Based Select On

when the Camera Based Select property is on, vertices that are hidden by the camera are not selected.

Usage Example