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Slice Cut Tool

Slice Cut Tool

The Slice Cut tool creates a virtual plane and generates edges on elements intersecting with it.

How to Use

  1. Select the Slice Cut tool.
  2. Move or rotate the gizmo to position the activated translucent plane where you want the edges to be created. Slice Cut Tool Gizmo
  3. Press the "Cut" button to generate the edges. Slice Cut Tool Button


Slice Cut Tool Properties


This property sets the position of the virtual plane.


Property that sets the rotation of the virtual plane.


Properties that allow you to select how the mesh is displayed.

XRay Mode

Shows faces as translucent.

Face XRay Mode

Reset Plane

Property to reset the position and rotation of the virtual plane.

Slice Cut Tool Reset Plane


Property that runs the Slice Cut tool with the current virtual plane state.

Slice Cut Tool Cut

Example Usage

Reset Plane


New Features

From version 0.18.0, new features such as View Cut, Action After Cut, and Angle Snap have been added.

View Cut

A feature that creates a virtual plane aligned with the camera direction by dragging the mouse.

Action After Cut

Defines the action to be taken after making a cut.

  • Split Only: Cuts based on the virtual plane.
  • Remove Above: Removes the part above the virtual plane and fills the cut surface.
  • Remove Below: Removes the part below the virtual plane and fills the cut surface.

Angle Snap

While holding down the Ctrl key and dragging the mouse, the virtual plane snaps to the view based on the rotation value of Incremental Snapping in the Unity editor.

Example of View Cut + Action After Cut

Example of View Cut + Angle Snap