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Local Settings Tool

The Local Settings Tool is a tool used to manage and adjust the local settings of selected objects.

It provides the ability to quickly change certain properties of an object, recalculate the state of an object, and more, with additional features planned for the future.

How to Use

  1. Launch the Local Settings Tool.
  2. Select the desired property.
  3. The feature corresponding to the selected property will be applied to the currently selected object.


Recalculate Tangents

This property recalculates the object's tangent vectors. Use this when you are having trouble applying a normal map, or when you need accurate normals while editing a mesh.

Lightmap Static

Changes the lighting method to lightmap. This property is linked with the Contribute Global Illumination property of the Mesh Renderer component.

Generate UVs

Generates UVs for lightmaps.