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Subdivide Tool

Subdivide Tool

The Subdivide Tool is a tool for quartering faces. If no faces are selected, it will quarter all faces to smooth out bends, and if specific faces are selected, it will quarter only the selected faces without deformation.


Running the Subdivide Tool will divide the entire face of the selected object into quarters, so be careful when running it as it may cause optimization issues with 3D objects due to the large number of faces, momentary editor slowdowns, etc..


Subdivide Modifier

Using the Subdivide Tool can lead to inefficient modeling because it is applied directly to the underlying mesh.

Subdivide Modifier

Working through the Subdivide modifier (not a tool) allows you to model more efficiently because it allows you to apply deformations to the model while preserving the original mesh.

How to use it

Quarter the entire face while transforming the bend

  1. Run the Subdivide Tool.
  2. the entire face will be quartered and additional faces will be created. Subdivide Tool

Quarter a Face without Bending Deformation

  1. Select the face.
  2. Run the Subdivide Tool.
  3. The selected face is quartered and an additional face is created. Subdivide Tool

Example of usage