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Low Poly Tutorials, Zepeto Guidebook, UModeler X Enhancements, and FIA Game Jam Results

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Jaesik Hwang


Hello, UModeler X Users!

In this June blog, we bring you various exciting news. From the completion of the Low Poly tutorial series and the release of the Zepeto item guidebook to the latest updates in UModeler X and the results of the game jam held with FIA, there's plenty to catch up on. Check out the latest developments and community activities with UModeler X!

Completion of the Low Poly Tutorial Series


The Low Poly tutorial series for beginners is finally complete! With the newly added "Low Poly Isometric Room" tutorial, we now have a comprehensive learning course that covers everything from the basics of 3D modeling to practical projects for beginners.

This tutorial series is designed to be easy to follow, even for beginners, and includes the following courses:

  • Basic Tutorial: Modeling, Rigging, and Painting Modes
  • Basic Tutorial: UV Editor Guide
  • Low Poly Table and Chair Tutorial Guide
  • Low Poly Tower Tutorial Guide
  • Low Poly Building Tutorial Guide
  • New! Low Poly Isometric Room Tutorial
  • Final Tutorial: Synty Studio Assets and Mixamo Animation Integration Guide

You can check out the tutorials in order from the page below.

Basics Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for beginners to give you an overview of the features and basic usage of UModeler X.


Each tutorial is structured in a step-by-step manner, allowing users to practice through real projects. The newly added "Low Poly Isometric Room" tutorial, in particular, provides detailed instructions on creating an isometric style room, helping you enhance your 3D modeling skills.

All tutorial videos can be found on the UModeler X manual page. Each video is provided with friendly explanations, making it easy for beginners to understand and follow along.

We hope this tutorial series will be greatly helpful in your 3D modeling journey with UModeler X, and we look forward to bringing you even better content and features in the future.

Release of the Zepeto Item Guidebook


We are excited to introduce the newly released Zepeto Item Creation Guidebook. This guidebook covers everything from the basics to advanced applications, enabling even those who are not familiar with Unity to create Zepeto items easily using UModeler X.

This guidebook is extremely useful for beginners who are creating Zepeto items for the first time, as well as for intermediate and advanced users who want to create items more conveniently.

The guidebook includes the following contents:

  • Chapter 1 - Getting Started with UModeler X: Introduction to essential software and installation process.
  • Chapter 2 - Exploring the UModeler X Interface: Navigating the interface and utilizing tools.
  • Chapter 3 - Basic Modeling: Basic elements and functions of 3D modeling.
  • Chapter 4 - Modeling Application: Applying modeling in actual projects.
  • Chapter 5 - UV Mapping, Texturing, and Painting: Techniques for UV mapping and texturing.
  • Chapter 6 - Rigging: Bringing models to life through rigging processes.
  • Chapter 7.1 - Masking: Importance and effective creation and application of masks.
  • Chapter 7.2 - Upload: How to upload completed items to Zepeto Studio.

Zepeto Item Guidebook

Go to

The video below is the tutorial video for Chapter 4, one of the seven videos created for the Zepeto Item Creation Guidebook.

Enjoy the process of creating Zepeto items with UModeler X through this guidebook.

UModeler X Update News

Over the past month, UModeler X has had three updates: 0.19.17, 0.19.18, and 0.19.19. These updates bring various improvements that make your 3D modeling experience more convenient and efficient.

Key updates include:

  • Improved Vertex/Edge Picking: The mouse cursor now highlights and allows selection when it is near edges and vertices, making element editing much easier. Improved Vertex/Edge Picking
  • Distance Property Addition: You can now input element distances numerically, enabling more precise work. Distance Property Addition
  • Improved Bridge Tool: The Bridge tool has been enhanced to easily fill holes. Improved Bridge Tool
  • Improved UModelerize: Addition of Hierarchically option. Changing the setting for Merge Vertices option to be adjustable in the Preference window. Improved UModelerize
  • Shortcut Addition for Backface Select in Vertex/Edge/Face Tool: This allows for faster and more efficient work. Shortcut Addition for Backface Select

For more details, please refer to the release notes.

UModeler X Release Notes

Go to

We hope these updates will enhance your 3D modeling experience with UModeler X. We will continue to meet your expectations with ongoing improvements and updates.

Results of the UModeler X Game Jam with FIA


The Future Inspire Jam #5, held this month, has concluded successfully. This game jam saw many creative game projects using UModeler X, drawing significant attention. Here are the winning entries and major news from the jam.

1st Place: "Without a Way Out" by @Alex Santos

This game made impressive use of UModeler's tools to create simple yet consistent models with more detail than other entries, earning high praise from the judges and taking the top spot.

2nd Place: "Without-Time" by D.P.L.D.S

This game skillfully implemented a time mechanic, particularly a rewind skill, to create a short and sweet game, securing the second place with its unique idea and neat execution.

3rd Place: "Without Movement" by @ojas biswas 123

This game innovatively changed the gameplay mechanics to fit the theme perfectly, maintaining a consistent theme and leaving a strong impression on the judges.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we look forward to your continued interest and participation!