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UV Editor

UV Editor

A UV is a texture coordinate in 2D form that corresponds to an object in 3D form. UV Editor allows you to create and edit UV elements (UV Vertex, UV Edge, UV Face).

How to Run

Here's how to run the UV Editor.

Source Mesh>UV Editor Tool

  1. Select a Source Mesh.
  2. Press the Editor button at the top right of the mode.
  3. Launch the UV Editor tool from the menu. UV Editor Button
  4. You will see the following in the UV Editor. UV Editor

Select an object>Select the open UV Editor tab

  1. Select the UModeler X object.
  2. Click on the UV Editor tab among the open tabs to activate it. UV Editor Tab Click

    If the UModeler X Object is not selected, the UV Editor will not be activated.

UV Editor Guide

If you are looking for more in-depth information about UVs, texture coordinates, and the UV Editor, please refer to the guide on the page below. The UV Editor Guide covers the basic concepts of UVs and texture coordinates, as well as the detailed usage of the UV Editor, which will help you create more effective and accurate texture mappings.

UV Editor Settings and Interface

If you would like a detailed explanation of each feature from the UV Editor Settings to the Interface to effectively use the UV Editor, please refer to the pages below.