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Layer Mask

Layer Masks

A layer mask is a property that masks a specific area of a layer.

How to use it

  1. select the layer you want to add a layer mask to.
  2. Click the Layer Mask button. Layer Masks
  3. Select either Add Black Mask or Add White Mask.
  4. A layer mask has been added to the selected layer.


Add Black Mask

This property adds a black layer mask. As a result, all materials on the assigned layer will be hidden.

Add White Mask

Property that adds a white layer mask.

Add AO Mask

Property that adds an Ambient Occlusion (AO) layer mask.

Remove Mask

Properties to remove the selected layer mask.

Layer Mask Properties Group Properties

The Properties group is an area where the content varies depending on the feature selected, such as a tool or layer.

The properties displayed in the Properties group when Layer Mask is selected are shown below.

Properties Tab


Layer Masks Brush

The Brush tool is a tool that allows you to apply mask values by painting.


Property that sets the brush size of the Brush tool in pixels, which when unset sets the brush size relative to its size on the world.

You can set the size in the Size property.


Property that sets the size of the brush.


This property allows you to set the opacity of the mask value being painted.


Property that allows you to set how sharp the edges of the brush in the Brush Tool are.


This property sets the amount of randomization of the strokes, which are the lines created by the brush input of the Brush Tool.


Property that allows you to set the spacing of the brush strokes generated by the Brush tool.

Mask Value

This property allows you to set the mask value that will be painted.

Example Usage