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A Modifier System can transform the original model in a non-destructive way. This is a system that allows for efficient modeling because the original model can be preserved while allowing for modifications to be made to the model.


Modifier Interface

Modifier Stack

A modifier can accumulate the results of edits made by multiple modifiers in a cumulative history called a modifier stack, and it is also possible to turn specific modifiers on and off.

Renaming Modifiers

The name of a Modifier defaults to its function, and can be changed as needed.

Modifier Renaming

To rename a Modifier, Double-Click on the name portion of the Modifier and press Enter, or Click on any area except the text input area to complete the renaming.


If you rename the purpose for which you added the modifier, you can see the purpose as you work without having to check the modifier properties. Modifier Renaming Name1 Modifier Renaming Name2

Disabling Modifiers

By default, Modifiers are enabled upon creation. If you want to deactivate them, you can do so by unchecking the box next to the modifier name.

Modifier Disable

Change Modifier Position

You can change the position of a Modifier by Click-Drag it to the desired location.


Modifiers cannot be moved below the Source Mesh, nor can they change the position of the Source Mesh.

Combine Modifiers

Modifier Combine Button

The Combine Modifiers button reflects the results of the currently applied Modifiers on the original mesh. When combined, the modifiers below will be combined based on the selected modifier.

Modifier Combine

When the modifiers are combined, they are reflected in the original mesh and the modifiers are removed.


This feature is difficult to reverse, and may result in less efficient work.

Add a modifier

Modifier Add Button

The Add Modifier button allows you to add a modifier of your choice.

Modifier Add

Delete Modifier

Modifier Delete Button

The Delete Modifier button allows you to delete the selected Modifier.

Modifier Delete


If you want to deactivate rather than delete, you can uncheck the box.

Modifier Disable

Modifier type