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Material Tool

Material Tool

The Material tool in the Multiple Objects group is a tool that allows you to set a single material on multiple objects, or reset them to the UModelerX default material.


Different from the Material Tool in the Surface Group

Material Tool

The Material Tool in the Surface Group is different in that it allows you to apply materials, add materials, and delete applied materials on a per-face basis.

How to Use

  1. Select Multiple UModeler X objects. Material Tool Select Object
  2. Launch the Material Tool.
  3. Select the Material to apply to the Material Properties. Material Tool Select Material
  4. Run the Apply Property. Material Tool Apply
  5. The Material has been applied to the selected objects in bulk. Material Tool Result


Material Tool Properties


Property to select the desired material.


Property that applies the selected material to the object.


This property resets the selected object's material to the UModeler X default material.

Example Usage