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UModeler X Manual

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UModeler X is a powerful 3D content creation tool available for the Unity engine. It is designed with an easy-to-understand interface that makes it easy for beginners and professionals alike to use features such as modeling, UV unwrap, rigging, and painting within the Unity Editor.

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Because UModeler X provides a complete 3D content creation pipeline within the Unity environment, users can do all of their 3D content creation tasks within Unity without the need for a separate external 3D program.

Below are the main categories of this manual and a brief description of each category.

1. Getting Started

This is a guide for users who are new to UModeler X. You will find step-by-step instructions from how to install to basic usage.

Unity Developer

This page includes an installation guide and getting started video for Unity developers.


Zepeto Creator

This page includes an installation guide and getting started video for Zepeto creators.


2. Video Tutorial

Video tutorials that explain various features of UModeler X step by step.

Image description

Basics Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for beginners to give you an overview of the features and basic usage of UModeler X.

Image description

Zepeto Tutorial

This page contains a walkthrough video that explores the features of UModeler X by creating a simple model.


3. Editable Mesh

Here you can find a detailed explanation of Editable Mesh, a core feature of UModeler X.

Modeling Mode

Modeling mode is the default mode for editable meshes, and its primary function is mesh editing.


Modifier System

The Modifier system can deform the original model in a non-destructive way.


UV Editor

The UV Editor can create and edit UV elements (UV Vertex, UV Edge, and UV Face).


Rigging Mode

Rigging Mode is for animating your model, allowing you to assign weights to meshes and edit weights.


Painting Mode

Painting Mode is for painting colors on the model, where you can use layers and brushes to express colors and create textures.


4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find common questions and answers that may arise while using UModeler X.

5. Release Notes

You can check the version-specific updates and improvements of UModeler X.