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· 3 min read
Jaesik Hwang

Hello everyone! I'm very happy to introduce our second blog post. Today, we'll talk about the major updates made over the last two months, the newly added painting mode guide, and the backlog we are working on to make UModeler X even more stable.

Major Updates for January and February 2024

Several useful features were added in January and February this year. Take a look, and if you're still using an older version of UModeler X, I hope you take this opportunity to update to the latest version.

· 10 min read
Jaesik Hwang

Hello! I'm very excited to start a blog like this. I was thinking about what to write for my first blog post, and I decided it would be interesting to talk about why we started developing UModeler X, the process we went through, and how we plan to develop it further, as this is something we haven't had many chances to discuss.

The reason I started developing UModeler X while the existing UModeler was receiving a lot of love from Unity developers is as follows:

  1. To allow for smooth editing of high-poly 3D data within the Unity editor.
  2. To integrate all functions needed for 3D data creation, including modeling, rigging, painting, and sculpting, so that games can be made 100% within Unity.
  3. To lay the groundwork for runtime solution development as well as editor solutions, aiming to develop new products for more 3D creators outside of Unity.
  4. To allow creators to make various contents such as 3D worlds, games, items, and characters with UModeler X, and to support more creators' creative activities with the results produced from here.

UModeler X Development Story