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General Mesh to UModeler X Mesh

Select Object

UModelerize is a feature that converts models not created with UModeler X to a state that can be edited in UModeler X.

This function is not used directly in UModeler X's modeling mode or any other mode, but rather by selecting the model you want to convert in the Hierarchy tab of the Unity Editor and right-clicking on it.

How to use

  1. Select the model you want to convert from the Hierarchy tab in the Unity Editor. Select Object
  2. Right-click on the selected model.
  3. Select "UModeler X > UModelerize" from the menu that appears after you Right-click. UModelerize Select Menu
  4. The selected model is converted to an editable state in UModeler X. UModelerize End

UModelerize Merge Vertices

Depending on the model, this may cause polygons in the mesh to become separated.

UModelerize End

This can be fixed by using UModeler X > UModelerize Merge Vertices to merge vertices that are in the same location.

Example of usage