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Material Group

Material Group

The Material group of a Painting Mode is a group that contains a selection of materials to be painted, or properties related to their representation in the scene.


Material Group Properties

Material Show, Hide toggle

Properties for displaying painting results in modes other than painting mode.

Material Group ShowHide

Material Mode

Properties that can be set for the representation in the scene.

  • Material : This is the most basic property for showing the painting result as the material is.

  • Preview : When this property is selected, regardless of the material type, it applies the default PBR material, and if you're not directly manipulating shaders, you may not have much use of it.

  • Map Sources : This is a property that only shows results from a specific map source. This will be displayed differently depending on the map source set.

    • Albedo
    • Metallic
    • Smoothness
    • Normal
    • and more
  • Mask : Property that displays the layer mask of the currently selected layer.

  • UV : This property shows the UV color.

Material Group Material Mode 1

Material Group Material Mode 2

Preview Resolution

Property that allows you to set the resolution of the currently displayed texture.

Material Group Preview Resolution


A property that shows only the results of the currently selected layer.

Material Group Solo


The Solo property can currently be found at the bottom of the Layer group.

Solo Property

Example Usage