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Painting Mode

Painting Mode

The Painting mode is the mode for painting colors on the model, allowing you to use layers and brushes to express colors and create textures, etc.

Starting Painting Mode

In order to use Painting Mode, you must first go through the setup steps.

Painting Mode Start

UV Unwrap

This property is displayed when a UV is not unwrapped on the model. It is not displayed if the UV has been edited with the UV Editor. Painting Mode UV


This property selects the material that will be painted.

Startup Resolution

This property selects the texture resolution when painting. This can be changed during painting.

Startup Material Template

This property sets the predefined map source that will be used for painting.

Startup Background Color

This property sets the color that will be used as the base for painting. This can be changed during painting.


Painting Mode Interface

Painting 2D

The Painting 2D tool is an editor-like tool that synchronizes with Painting Mode.

Painting 2D

Material Group

The Material group in Painting mode is a group of properties that allows you to select a material for painting, or for its representation in the scene.

Material Group

Layers Group

The Layer group in Painting Mode is the group where layers are displayed, along with tools to manage and edit them.

Layers Group

Layer Mask

A Layer Mask is a property that masks a specific area of a layer.

Group layers

A Group layer is a layer of properties that manage layers together.

Paint Layers

A Paint layer is a layer that applies map sources by painting.

Fill layers

A Fill layer is a layer that applies the value of a MapSource by covering the entire model with the value itself.

Sticker Layers

A Sticker layer is a layer of properties that represent an image as if it were being stuck to a surface.

Properties Group

The Properties group is an area that depends on the selected feature, such as a tool or layer, and displays properties for the selected feature.

Properties Group

Map Source group

The Map Source group is a collection of properties for managing map sources, such as setting the resolution of textures, formatting map sources, and adding/deleting map sources.

Map Source Group