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Shell Modifier

Shell Modifier

The Shell modifier is a modifier that can generate thickness. You can generate thickness by expanding or contracting the original mesh in the normal direction, and you can also add a face to the cross-section of the generated thickness.

How to Use

  1. Press the Add Modifier button. Modifier Add Button
  2. Select the Shell Modifier.
  3. Change the Inner Size property or Outer Size property. Shell Modifier Properties
  4. the thickness has been created. Shell Modifier Result


Shell Modifier Properties

Inner Size

The separation distance of the faces facing inward, the opposite direction of the normal direction.

Shell Modifier Inner Size

Outer Size

The separation distance of the faces facing the outward direction from the normal direction.

Shell Modifier Outer Size


A property used to divide the generated faces in cross-sections of the thickness.

Shell Modifier Segments


If the original mesh is not perforated, there is no change in the properties because no thickness is generated.

Preview Overlay

A property that allows you to see the wireframe result of the modifier, so you can see the current state of the element.

Shell Modifier Preview Overlay

Example Usage