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FFD Modifier

FFD Modifier

The Free Form Deformaion (FFD) modifier is a modifier that uses a grid box surrounding a mesh and vertices that can be manipulated to deform the grid.


The Types of FFF Modifiers.

There are three types of FFD Modifiers based on the number of manipulatable vertices.

  • FFD 2x2x2
  • FFD 3x3x3
  • FFD 4x4x4

How to Use

  1. Press the Add Modifier button. Modifier Add Button
  2. Select an FFD Modifier with the desired number of vertices. FFD Modifier
  3. Click-Drag the vertices in the grid box. FFD Modifier Drag
  4. The mesh will deform smoothly. FFD Modifier Result


FFD Modifier


This property resets the deformation.

FFD Modifier Reset


FFD 2x2x2

FFD 3x3x3

FFD 4x4x4