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UModeler X Latest News - Game Jam, Updates, and Achievements

· 3 min read
Jaesik Hwang

Hello UModeler X users! Today, we're excited to share some thrilling and valuable updates with you. In this blog post, we'll cover the latest news, updates, and our achievements with UModeler X.

UModeler X Game Jam Announcement!


First, let's talk about the UModeler X Game Jam. This game jam, hosted in collaboration with Future Inspire Academy (FIA), focuses on creating 3D games using Unity. FIA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing game development education in a fun and flexible manner. They offer Unity challenges, game creation tasks, mentoring, and a gamified leaderboard to support developers worldwide.

We sponsor this game jam. Participants will use UModeler X's rigging, painting, AI texturing, and modeling features to develop creative games. All participants must submit their projects on GitHub, with primary assets created using UModeler X. For detailed rules and participation, check the links below.

UModeler X Update News

Over the past month we released six updates from version 0.19.11 to 0.19.16. Here are some of the key updates:

  • Weight Mirror Tool Addition

    This tool allows you to easily copy the weight values of vertices from one side to the symmetric counterpart in symmetric objects, significantly improving efficiency.

  • Standard Brush Tool Improvement

    You can now push in the opposite direction of the surface normal by holding the Ctrl key while brushing. Additionally, you can adjust the brush size by holding the Shift key and moving the mouse up and down.

  • Auto Generate Mesh Collider Addition

    The Auto Generate Mesh Collider property has been added to the Preferences window and the Local Settings tool of UModeler X objects. This feature allows new objects to automatically reflect the mesh editing, enhancing level design convenience.


UModeler X and UModeler in VRChat Asset Picks

We're proud to announce that UModeler and UModeler X have been selected as valuable assets for VRChat content creation on the globally popular VR metaverse platform VRChat. Now, VRChat creators can use UModeler and UModeler X to craft even more impressive content.


Little Kitty Big City Game Release

Finally, we're thrilled to announce the release of the game Little Kitty Big City, developed using the predecessor of UModeler X, UModeler. This game is now available on Steam, XBox and Nintendo Switch, and it has been well-received by gamers worldwide. This success story underscores the excellence of UModeler. Enjoy enhanced productivity with UModeler and UModeler X.

LittleKittyBigCity-SteamChart LittleKittyBigCity-Reviews

These are the latest updates from UModeler X. We hope you continue to enjoy creating with UModeler X. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news!