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Online Manual Revamp, HDRP/URP Improvements, and New Tutorials

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Jaesik Hwang


In this blog post, we'll share updates about the online manual, updates related to URP/HDRP for UModeler X, and news about our new tutorial videos.


Online Manual Update

Firstly, we integrated the Release Notes and FAQ page, which were on separate sites and somewhat inconvenient to access, into the online manual. At the same time, we separated some of the FAQ content dealing with error handling into a separate Trouble Shooting page to make it easier for users to address errors that occur during authentication and when using UModeler X.

Release Note


Trouble Shooting


We also added a new The Use of UModeler X category to gather content on how to apply UModeler X. Currently, you can find videos on low-poly modeling, guides for collaboration with Synty Studio and Mixamo, and various videos on creating items for Zepeto in this category. We plan to continuously update this space with documents and videos on various UModeler X tips and techniques.

Low Poly Guide


Synty and Mixamo Collabo


Zepeto Item


As many of you know, not only the existing UModeler meshes but also general static meshes and skinned meshes can be converted into UModeler X meshes for direct editing in Unity. We have gathered guides related to this in the Getting Started > Mesh Data Conversion category to make them more accessible.


URP/HDRP Issue Fixes and Improvements

With the UModeler X 0.19.4 update, we have resolved most of the issues that arose with URP and HDRP. For example, the issue where hidden elements were selected when Camera Based Select was activated, and issues that occurred in modeling/rigging/painting modes when using tools with brushes, have been fixed.

Low-Poly Building Tutorial Released

We released a tutorial video on making low-poly buildings. A user's request recently made us realize that we had not created demos or videos related to low-poly due to focusing on showing that UModeler X is capable of high-poly modeling, rigging, and painting. Many indie game developers likely use UModeler X for creating low-poly meshes. So starting with this low-poly building tutorial video, we plan to create various low-poly tutorial videos. I will make time to create and showcase tutorials on mugs, chairs, towers, barrels, etc. If there's a tutorial you would like to see, please suggest it on our Discord server. These tutorials are also easy for me to make quickly using UModeler X, even though I come from a programmer background.

Obtaining a US Patent for 3D Modeling Technology

UModeler Inc. has obtained a patent in the United States for a "METHOD AND 3D MODELING ENGINE FOR MANAGING MODELING DATA DURING 3D MODELING". This technology covers an efficient method for creating and editing 3D data in a real-time graphics environment. Thanks to this, it has been possible to develop a high-performance 3D modeling solution in the Unity editor using the C# language.

GDC 2024

We will be attending GDC 2024 in San Francisco from March 20th to 22nd. We're so excited about attending GDC after a long time. If anyone else is going, please contact me via email ( or DM on Discord/Facebook. I'll share the news from GDC when we return.



That's all for this blog update. The various issues and feedback that you share via Discord and email play a significant role in making UModeler X more stable and useful. If you encounter any inconveniences while using UModeler X, please feel free to inform us through the UModeler Discord server or email.

UModeler Discord Server

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We'll return with more new content in the next blog. See you then!