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Element Vertex

Vertices are the points that make up a mesh, and moving or editing a vertex affects the elements associated with it.

Vertex Icon Select

You can view properties related to Vertices by pressing the keyboard shortcut Shift+1, or by using the buttons at the top of the scene.


Shortcut Shift+Click Drag

When you select a vertex and move it using Shift held down with click drag, the selected vertex is duplicated.

An edge is automatically created between the selected vertex and the newly created vertex.

Vertex Element Group Properties

These are the properties that are displayed for the Element group when a vertex is selected.


Properties that allow you to choose how the mesh is displayed.

Hide Vertex Overlay

Allows you to show or hide vertices.

Vertex Hide Vertex Overlay

XRay Mode

Shows faces as translucent.

Vertex XRay Mode

Hide Edge Overlay

Makes edges visible or invisible.

Vertex Hide Edge Overlay


Properties that allow you to set how vertices are selected.

Backface Select

Allows you to set whether vertices facing the opposite direction are selected.

Vertex Backface Select Off

When the Backface Select property is off, opposite facing vertices are not selected.

Vertex Backface Select On

When the Backface Select property is on, opposite facing vertices are selected as well.

Camera Based Select

This property selects only the currently visible vertices based on the camera.

Vertex Camera Based Select Off

When the Camera Based Select property is off, vertices that are obscured by the camera are also selected.

Vertex Camera Based Select On

When the Camera Based Select property is on, vertices that are hidden by the camera are not selected.

Soft Select

This property selects vertices in the Scene that are adjacent to the selected vertex on a weighted basis.

The vertices selected by weight and the range you set are displayed in color, usually as a soft circle.

Soft Selection

Properties that use Soft Selection.

Vertex Soft Selection

Soft Selection Curve

A graph-like property that determines the shape of the Soft Selection. Tap the graph next to the Soft Selection Curve property to edit it.

Vertex Soft Selection Curve

Curve shape example

Examples of how the selection shape changes depending on the Curve shape.

Example 1

Vertex SoftSelectCurve_Example1

Example 2

Vertex SoftSelectCurve_Example2

Soft Selection Range

This property sets the range from the selected vertex to which the soft selection is applied.

In Unity, 1m = 1.0, so a value of 0.5 will select up to 50cm from the selected vertex.