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Painting 2D

Painting 2D

The Painting 2D tool is an editor-like tool that synchronizes with the painting mode.

How to run it

To run the Painting 2D Editor, follow the steps below.

Source Mesh>Painting2D Tool

  1. Select the Source Mesh.
  2. Press the Editor button at the top right of the mode.
  3. Launch the Painting2D Tool from the menu. Painting 2D Button
  4. You can see the Painting2D Editor.

Select an object > Select the open Painting 2D Editor tab

  1. Select the UModelerX object.
  2. Click the Painting 2D Editor tab among the open tabs to activate it. Painting 2D Tab

    If the UModeler X Object is not selected, the Painting 2D Editor will not be activated.



Property that displays a grid in the Painting 2D workspace.

Painting 2D ShowGrid


Property that displays the X- and Y-axis of the Painting 2D workspace.

Painting 2D ShowAxis


Property that displays all UV elements of the currently selected UModeler X object.

Painting 2D ShowWireframe

Select MapSource

Properties that select only a specific map source.

Painting 2D MapSource

Example Usage