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Merge Tool

Merge Tool

The Merge tool is a tool that combines selected vertices into one.


Where they are merged is determined by the properties set in the Properties window.


The Collapse tool

The differences with the Collapse tool are as follows.

  1. the Collapse tool works on all elements (Vertex, Edge, Face).
  2. the Collapse tool merges groups of elements that are connected to each other.

How to Use

  1. Select one or more vertices.
  2. Run the Merge tool.
  3. The vertices are merged into one.

Merge Tool



You can change the properties by Alt+click on the Merge Tool icon in the Properties window.

Merge Tool Properties

Merge Type


Selected vertices are merged to the position of the first selected vertex.

Merge Tool First


Vertices are merged at the center of the selected vertices.

Merge Tool Center


The selected vertices are joined at the position of the last selected vertex.

Merge Tool Last

Example Usage

Merge Type: First

Merge Type: Center

Merge Type: Last