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Line Tool

Line Tool

A Line Tool is a tool that connects an edge or vertex to an edge.

How to Use

  1. Launch the Line Tool.
  2. Click on the edge or vertex that you want to use as a starting point. Line Tool Start
  3. Create edges by Click on other edges or vertices that you want to connect to create the desired shape. Line Tool 2
  4. Continue to Click on other edges or vertices to connect them. Line Tool 3

Mouse cursor dot color and snapping

The color of the dot on your mouse cursor tells you which element the point you're about to click is on. Snapping also allows you to Click exactly at a specific point to connect.

Line Tool Tip 1 Left: Point on edge, Right: point on face

The color on the edge is green, as shown above. If it is on a face, where the Line Tool does not work, it will be gray.

Line Tool Tip 2 Left: Points on vertices, Right: Point at the center of an edge

If it is on a vertex and in the center of an edge, it will be colored yellow and the mouse cursor will snap.

Example Usage