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Enhancements to the Learning Process for Beginners and the Runtime VR Project and more

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Jaesik Hwang


Enhancements to the UModeler X Tutorial Courses for Beginners

The tutorial course for beginners in UModeler X has been newly strengthened, making it easy for anyone to enter the world of 3D modeling. Now, after learning the basics of modeling, rigging, and painting, you can proceed with practice-like exercises through low poly modeling. The newly added 'Lowpoly Table and Chair' and 'Lowpoly Tower' tutorial videos will be an excellent next step for those who have completed the basic education.

Beginners are recommended to gradually learn the various features of UModeler X according to the tutorial course below. Each tutorial can be easily accessed through the provided links.

  1. Basic Tutorials
    • Learn the basics of modeling, rigging, and painting.
    • You can master the basics of UV editing.
    • Link: Basic Tutorials
  2. Low Poly Tutorials
    • Start with a simple table and chair and move on to towers and buildings.
    • A low poly student room production tutorial will also be added soon.
    • Link: Low Poly Tutorials
  3. Synty Studios and Mixamo

This systematic tutorial course is designed to allow users who are new to UModeler X to learn step-by-step, from the basics to practical application. This tutorial will be a good guide on your journey to creating your own creations.

UModeler X VR Prototype Project

The UModeler X team, led by lead developer Kim Se-yong, conducted an innovative internal project called 'VR BlackSmith' to deeply explore the potential of the release version. This project aimed to integrate ancient blacksmith techniques into a modern VR environment. It was about implementing the traditional method of forging iron and making tools in a VR setting using UModeler X's advanced modeling technology.

The project was carried out by dedicating 20% of Kim Se-yong's working hours from January to March. During this time, the focus was on meticulously testing and improving the modeling functionality of UModeler X and the runtime performance of the Boolean tool. These efforts confirmed that UModeler X could perform excellently in real-time environments.

During the development process, the flexibility and powerful modeling capabilities of UModeler X were deeply explored for VR content creation. As a result, the 'VR BlackSmith' project successfully developed a prototype that allows users to experience blacksmith techniques and create tools within the VR environment using UModeler X's features.

The project's achievements, despite being a prototype version, are demonstrated in a demo video, showcasing the core functionalities of UModeler X and proving its potential. The experiences and insights gained from this project will have a significant impact on the future development direction of UModeler X.

UModeler X Updates Over the Last Month

The updates to UModeler X over the last month have focused on improvements to modeling and painting modes, as well as performance enhancements for the UV editor and 3D painting. Version 0.19.6 addressed GPU crash issues, and versions 0.19.8 and 0.19.9 fixed various bugs to enhance the usability of modeling tools. Notably, the functionality of the bevel tool and slice cut tool was improved, and the accuracy of Boolean operations was enhanced, significantly improving the user experience. Additionally, issues with shortcuts in rigging and painting modes were resolved, increasing stability.

For more detailed update information, please refer to UModeler X's release notes.

UModeler X is moving towards a more stable version based on issues reported by you through the UModeler Discord server and email.