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Usage Guide

This guide describes the basic steps for using AI Texturing. First, let's go through the setup required before utilizing AI Texturing.

Edit the batch file for integration

To integrate the AI Texturing feature of UModeler X with the Stable Diffusion web UI, we first need to set up the API. Follow the steps below to modify the batch file to enable API usage.

  1. Select 'Edit' by Right-click on the webui-user.bat file. Alt text

  2. find the line set COMMANDLINE_ARGS= and add --api next to it.

  3. If it looks like below, you're good to go.

    @echo off

    set PYTHON=
    set GIT=
    set VENV_DIR=
    set COMMANDLINE_ARGS=--api

    call webui.bat
  4. save the file as is and close the window.

Order of use

  1. You can only use this feature if the Stable Diffusion web UI is running.

  2. Navigate to the folder where the Stable Diffusion web UI is installed, and run the webui-user.bat file.

    • This will open a CMD window, which should not be closed while using the AI texturing feature. Alt text
    • You can check the progress in this window. Alt text
  3. In UModeler X, select the UV unwrapped model. Alt text

  4. Click on the Painting Mode, and then Click on the Start Painting button to start the painting mode. Alt text

  5. Create a Paint Layer, or Click to select the Paint Layer created by default. Alt text

  6. Select AI Texturing in the Properties area. Alt text

  7. Among the several properties displayed, Click to check the Use Depth Control Net property. Alt text

  8. In the drop-down menu next to ControlnetModel, select control_v11f1p_sd15_depth.

    • Different versions of ControlNet may have different names, but select the option with the rightmost word in the name being depth. Alt text
  9. Enter the content of the image you want into the Prompt input part above. Alt text

  10. Click the Generate button below.

    • You can see the progress in the progress bar below and in the CMD window. Alt text
  11. When image generation is complete, you'll see a message like this Alt text

  12. Click the OK button and you will see the image you created in the Result area.

    • Select the image and Click the Apply Texture button. Alt text
  13. The texture is reflected in the model mesh. Alt text

  14. if this is not the image you want, start over from step 9.

    • At this point, modify the Prompt to.

Example of usage